You may remember last post I mentioned my two new recruits.  Well, I’m proud to announce their imminent arrival.

Here is Odin, the owner on Ian:-



This lad will, when he’s fully broken in and trained up, be a fine Private.  I suspect it will not be long before we see him pushing up through the ranks for promotion, and who could argue!

See the alertness of his eyes and the quickness of his paws as he utterly demolishes yet another flying insect.  See how upright his ears and whole demeanor are.  Officer material if ever I saw it.

This lad has killer instincts!

On the other hand we have Alfie, Nick (no relation)’s owner:-



No, your eyes do not deceive you.  They are definitely not the same cat.  Whereas Young Odin is a fine, young upstanding soon-to-be-member of the elite ‘Special Regiment’ of which I am in command, this specimen is a disgrace to the uniform.

He is idle, he stays out partying and womanising all night.  He is the absolute opposite of soon-to-be Private Odin.

Whereas Odin talks, nay converses with his pet in his dulcet tones, Ian; Alfie on the other hand, shouts abuse and swears at his pet in his harsh local dialect.

Over the coming weeks and months of their basic training, I shall keep you fully informed of their progress (…or utter lack of it in soon-to-be Private Alfie’s case…), along with stories of their exploits (…or mishaps in soon-to-be Private Alfie’s case…), so you can see how they progress (…or don’t, in soon-to-be Private Alfie’s case…).

Watch this space for details!

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