On Tuesday, I said I’d pop into ‘Wilko’s’ in Sunny Hillsborough to get an olive tree and a thermometer.The temperature is a' rising!  Well, I can report success on both fronts!  To the right here is the temperature in our greenhouse at about 1.00 this afternoon.  Not bad to say it’s only the middle of March and there are end pieces of glass that need replacing -so any light breeze blows straight through it.

And so to the olive tree.

We’d seen these in ‘Wilko’s’ the other day, and yesterday morning I went and bought one.

On getting back, I set straight to and dug a suitable hole in which to plant it.  I dug it a little wider than needs be so I could plant more of the freesia that Diane had bought me artfully around the base of the trunk.The hole dug.

To the left here you can see it before I planted.  Yes, I know its not completely round; it will need some neatening in a couple of days time.

And so, having dug the hole, I removed the olive from it’s packaging, and found it tiny!

Any thoughts of possible olives this autumn were soon dashed.  Maybe by 2017 there may be a few!Tiny olive tree!

Still, its the thought that counts, and we’ll have to safely fence it off.  We don’t want this little tree falling victim to our size ten, steel toe-capped gardening boots!

So today, Ian and I concentrated on more digging.  As I mentioned last post, we’re carrying on breaking ground towards the yellow tubing ‘folly’ at the side of the smaller greenhouse that we’ve discovered is actually paved.  Looking over the whole plot -a third of which we estimate is now dug over and planted, we can see that this area we’re digging has the highest density of the dreaded dock plants.  If we can just crack this area, we reckon we’ll have ‘broken the back’ of the serious digging.

Do I hear a cry of; ‘Famous Last Words’ at this point?!

Anyway, before we left for the day, I couldn’t help but notice a few of the tomato seeds I planted some weeks ago are starting to show.Tomato seedlings starting to show.

The one in the centre of this shot is definitely a seedling and the white one that has yet to unfurl towards the top left is one, but the lower left two are probably little weeds.

Still, it shows that the compost is viable and that stuff will grow in it.

More very soon!

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