No, really.  I mean it.

I am now officially sick to death of lopping 6 feet off privet hedges.

But more of that later…

I was the first to arrive at The Plots this morning, so wasted no time in feeding the ‘Honorary Vice ChairCat’ Mitzi-Moos.Once there were three beds, now there is one!

After a little fuss and quick catch-up (…Well, she is HVC, after all.  She needs to be kept in the loop…), I went down to the bottom plot -The Demonstration Plot- and had a look at ‘the boys’ + Diane’s terrific work yesterday.

Yes, this shot up to the right is the same piece of land as I took the photo of yesterday.  This is after Gary, Shaun, Patrick, Derek and of course Diane, have worked their magic on it.Another potato bed, ready to be planted.  Nearly.

To the left here is the front bed of the same plot I mentioned yesterday.  The guys have taken out all the bindweed, rubbish and general detritus to leave it nearly ready for planting up this week.

After feeding and chatting with Mitzi, I plodded my weary way down to my plot.  Weary, because I seem to have been cutting hedges for at least two lifetimes, possibly three.  For my past sins, no doubt.

Still, as soon as I unlocked my gate, I felt the now-familiar ‘lifting of spirits’.  I felt ‘back home’ on my plot.  A great feeling.

Even the sight of the last of the hedging couldn’t dampen my spirits.  I was on the home run.  Soooo nearly finished!An hour or so into it this morning.

To the right here is the hedge after about an hour’s lopping.  I was starting to see my next door neighbour’s plot for the first time, and I was anxious to see just what lay at the end of my hedge.  Would there be a pot of gold?

Possibly not, but it would be fun finding out!

By this time, Diane, Shaun and Matt had arrived, so after a very quick cup of tea, I went down to carry on.

Wassat in the corner?And very quickly discovered my ‘pot of gold’.  An Anderson Shelter that was obviously put up before the last war.

The steel of the roof and walls is still secure, and there’s even an old chimney in place.  Unfortunately, the wood burning stove from beneath it is long gone, but that won’t stop me ‘acquiring’ something to go in it’s place.

Pretty soon it was lunchtime, so I wandered up the lane to see the guys.

As we were waiting for the kettle to boil, a bee landed on the table in front of us.One of 'our' bees, laden with pollen.

Notice it’s back legs with it’s pollen sacs full?  At first we couldn’t work out where this dark pollen had come from, but on later thinking about it, my betting is that it had been down to my plot and plundered the berberis next to the small greenhouse!

Early afternoon saw the arrival of my next door neighbour, Jim.  He’s fighting like mad with his plot next door.  He’s already cleared most of it and is starting the digging that you always have to do on a new plot.  Still, he’s going down to Wilko’s this week to buy some onion sets and seed potatoes to put in, so at least he’ll be able to see as he’s going that there’s already stuff in the ground, growing.

At three o’clock we broke for tea and went up to see the guys busy at work on the LEAF Plots.

During tea, Jim gratefully accepted some rhubarb with the intention of ‘persuading’ his teenage daughters to make the family a crumble.  We’ll hopefully get a report of how it all went next weekend when he’s back down!

All too soon, it was time to go, but as I left my plot, I couldn’t help but take a quick, proud shot of all my work.

As I left this afternoon.All the greenery you can see in this shot to the left is stuff I’ve already cut down!  Next time I’m down, I’ll clear it all up and probably have a fire -if the wind’s in the right direction!

Matt left at much the same time as me, but Diane and Shaun were still hard at it working on the potato bed by the fence.

It was looking pretty good, and next time I’m down I’ll get some more shots of it.

I won’t be down tomorrow, but Tuesday -if the weather holds- I’ll be back ready for more work.

This time, with no hedge cutting.

Hooray for that!

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