If you’re a regular LEAF visitor, volunteer or just a ‘LEAF Website Reader’, you’ll remember that every year we host an event for The Sheffield Environment Weeks festival.

This year is no different!Sheffield Environment Weeks

See us in Sheffield Environment Weeks

Every year, Sheffield City Council and local environment groups hold Sheffield Environment Weeks.  Its a great way to show Sheffield’s ‘Green Credentials’, meet friends old and new and generally get an idea of the sheer range and breadth of some of the projects that Sheffield Environment Weeks showcases.

Our contribution to Sheffield Environment Weeks

So as you can see on the poster to the right, as part of Sheffield Environment Weeks we’ll be having an ‘Open Evening’ on Wednesday May 30th from 7.00 ’til about 9.00pm.

If you click on the image, you’ll see a full-sized version.

Print it out, put it somewhere visible!

Don’t worry if its raining that night -we have plenty of roomy gazebos to shelter under, and if you do get a little chilly, then you can always stand close to our pizza oven which will be in ‘full swing’!

And talking of pizzas; you can get the chance to make your own, then watch it cook.  You’d better not blink, though!  When the oven is up to temperature, we reckon it takes a little over 90 seconds to cook one -much hotter than a ‘standard’ oven!  And the taste of our totally organic vegetarian pizzas?  Simply ask a regular volunteer, or better yet, choose the toppings you want, arrange it all ‘artfully’, then 90 seconds later, tuck in!

Of course, there’ll be Plot Tea, Mitzi, our Plot Cat (…and Honorary Vice ChairCat…) may make an appearance, and we hope to have a few more surprises for you.  Keep checking this site for further details and maybe some ‘teasers’!

And talking of Plot Tea, you’ll be able to see (…and use!..) our unique ‘Pallet Privy’, so cunningly designed by students from Sheffield University last year.

So if you do nothing else for Sheffield Environment Weeks, then make sure you make a date in your diary for May 30th, and we’ll see you then!

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