Ah, not today, Ref!

Today was much colder than of late, and as the day wore on, the wind picked up.  By the time Ian and I left for the afternoon, it was gusting quite badly.  Any thoughts of just sitting drinking tea were straight out of the window.

Unfortunately, I had a major disk crash this morning so was a little late, but Ian, being the ‘early bird’ had already planted loads of stuff in pots and trays in the larger greenhouse.Dwarf French beans.  Soon!

He also directly planted three rows of dwarf French beans (…see photo…), then a little later planted some dwarf French purple beans at the other side of the patio.

After the obligatory (…quick!..) cup of tea, Ian started working round the bay tree between the two greenhouses, taking out the surface weeds, then literally fighting with the humungous dock roots.  Of course, he won, but sometimes it was a pretty close thing!

Purple Swarf French Beans.  Soon!To the left here is the area he put three rows of the purple dwarf French beans in, then covered it with a screen we had ‘spare’ from the smaller greenhouse.

We figure the Old Man used these in high summer to keep the greenhouses aired but used them to stop the greedy pigeons from going in the greenhouses for ‘lunch’.

Of course, when these beans are large enough to be of no interest to the birds, we’ll take it off and store it.

And I carried on with the hedge-lopping…

I swear, when I close my eyes, all I can see are the great gnarled and twisted branches of privet.

Still, because it was that much cooler today, we got quite a lot done:  We weren’t standing around chatting, but had to keep warm with physical activity!Going, going, going...

And to the right here is my effort for the day.

Yes, I know it looks no different to the last shot in the last post, but believe me when I say I cut another six feet of it today.


Lunchtime, Ian cooked a couple of pork steaks on our rocket stove, and these wrapped in breadcakes, washed down with ‘Area 34 Tea’ really were just what was needed.

The weather forecast for tomorrow has been changing quite a bit over the last few days.  A while ago, it was saying that tomorrow it would rain cats and dogs.

Checking this morning, they’re saying it’ll rain all day, but only cats and dogs in the afternoon.

This could well mean that I get a ‘day off’ to nurse my aching back and dab the scratches and cuts all up my arms.

Oh, and see if I can breathe some life into this computer…


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