…and so little time.

But then, there are days down The Plots when you know you’ve got a list of jobs as long as your arm, but somehow, you really can’t get round to them. Polite version here…

This was Ian and myself today.  We knew we had that roof in the greenhouse to sort out, but the openers had worked as the morning’s heat had built up, and well…  You know how it is sometimes.

To her great credit, Diane sensed this today, so didn’t push us.  Instead, we’ve spent a very enjoyable afternoon just ‘pottering’.  She knows that on most other days, we don’t mind really getting ‘stuck in’ with a particular job.  The way I figure it, its so much cheaper and more fun than the gym, and I find that the harder I work (…and smellier I get!..), the better the shower afterwards!

Garlic.We had agreed to meet for about ten, but then Ian remembered he had some business to sort out with his mobile phone.  So, at 12.30pm we got there to be greeted by Diane’s car, but no Diane.  She was obviously chatting with fellow plot-holders further down the site.

We opened up, got the kettle on (…obviously!..), then sat down to the sandwiches we’d each brought.  I’d brought a little treat of a small jar of cucumbers we’d grown in the new greenhouse that I’d pickled last summer.

Diane soon arrived (…called by the whistle of the kettle!..), so the three of us got stuck in, and my pickled ‘things’ went down pretty well.  …Well, nobody got up to be sick!

All too soon, it was finished and Ian and myself set to work, as I said, just ‘pottering about’.  Diane had to rush off on errands.

To the right here is one of the many garlics we planted a few weeks ago, already sprouting.

The new bed by the new seating area.To the left here is the bed myself and Ian re-built the wall of, and you can see some of the plants that we have put in ‘guerrilla style’ (…i.e. Without Diane’s actual ‘direct permission’, as such.  Possibly.  Kind of…), and in a few weeks, this bed will really come to life.  This photo also shows some of the work we did today.  You can see at the side of the bed nearest the seating area some old hollow tree stumps and a piece of hollow log.  Hopefully, this weekend or before, we’ll be able to get some seeds started off in the greenhouse, then when they’ve grown sufficiently, we can fill these natural planters.  Diane had the great idea of planting herbs in them that you can use as infusions for herbal tea -things like camomile, mint, fennel, lemon balm and hopefully others.  A quick search of ‘Wikipedia’ for herbal teas introduces the reader to ‘Labrador Tea’, but I don’t think we’ll be trying that, golden or black.  Mitzi would kick up a fuss.

In our ‘wanderings’ today, we noticed that the ‘Cross’ we’ll be having spuds and leeks in was looking a little weedy, so went over all four beds with forks and buckets.The cross.  With shallots. Here you can see our efforts on the beds, but you may notice that one of the arms of the cross has now sprouted some young shallots.  Well, they had been dug up from elsewhere.  Diane had told us to plant them.  Okay, so they’re not leeks, but if we’re having potato and leek soup, who’s to say it shouldn’t have a couple of shallots in it?  A quick trawl of the Internet found this site.  We rest our case!

And finally, as such a pleasant afternoon was drawing to a close, we watered another onion bed.

Well watered onions.From this shot, you can clearly see our new long planter making an edge to the new seating area.

This will look superb when its full of fragrant flowers, but it also has the added advantage that it prevents anyone moving their chair back too far and dropping off the side.

Don’t smirk:-  I did this last year.

Laugh?  I thought my legs would never dry.

More tomorrow!

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