Today, I’ve been putting the finishing touches to the new board, viz:

New board complete.

New board complete.

If you compare this with the last shot of it, you’ll notice a new 8-pin i.c. (Integrated Circuit) on the right handside, and if you’re really eagle-eyed, you’ll notice more ‘gubbins’ in the shape of another transistor nearby, then over to the left of this shot, you’ll see yet another transistor with associated dividing resistors.

The first transistor is the main FET switching transistor, while the last one is a ‘range’ selector which sets the input range for sensing the input voltage coming from the bike.

Now, I just have to fabricate another ‘adapter’ for the pratty little 8-pin SOIC current sensing chip (…A MAX4080 if you’re interested…) so it will fit in the empty socket.

When that’s done, I have to make another sensing resistor bank, then…

…well, its in the box with it.

Then test it.


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