No, we’re not talking about ‘baddies’ or other random miscreants.

We’re talking onions!

Gary and strung red onions.

Gary and strung red onions.

To the right here is a shot taken today of Gary, one of our most hard-working ‘Plotters’ proudly showing off a string of red onions he and Tina made just the other day.

And marvellous fun they had too!

He tells me that this Saturday they will be doing more -and they need to!  We had such a good crop of various different varieties of onions this year that we desperately need the room.  Rather than being stored in the bulky red bread trays, these and many more besides will be hung in the top shed from the rafters allowing them to dry further and take up very little room in the process.

They also need to string up all the garlic as well!

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