Yesterday, after much messing around, I managed to safely discharge the car battery I’m using as a ‘test rig’.  In the end I used three 50 Watt 12 Volt dichroic lamps wired in parallel to give a total loading of 150 Watts.  -You know the little ones that have recently become so popular.

It took three hours to bring the battery down from 12.34 Volts at rest to 11.08 Volts just after I’d disconnected them.  This 11.08 Volts rose soon afterwards in the way that batteries partially ‘recover’ after a major discharge.

So, today’s task was to start recharging it!

Well, I’ve kept hopping on and off the bike to make adjustments to the code and various tweaks to the hardware, but I can safely say that I’ve done about an hour’s ‘hard’ cycling.  The kind of cycling where you end up very sweaty and the handlbars are wet when you get off.

Too much detail!

Anyway, I have to get a shower right now, then I’m off on a couple of errands -one of which being taking the faulty power supply back to our friends at Bardwells, then this evening, it’ll be back on the bike again.

And no doubt another shower afterwards!

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