Today was my first exploration into the ancient and mystical art of pickling.

My first ‘victims’ were nasturtium seeds I’d picked yesterday afternoon for the mound of earth outside the Children’s Plot.


Voila! Pickled nasturtium seeds.


Well washed nasturtium seeds with the stalks removed.

A dried red chili

Good quality pickling vinegar (…I used ‘Sarson’s…)


Simply finely chop the chili, leaving the seeds in if you’re feeling brave.

Add half the nasturtium seeds to a well washed and dried pickling jar, add the chilis, then add the rest of the nasturtiums.

Fill to the brim with the pickling vinegar.

Screw on the top, making sure it is well sealed, then gently shake the jar for a few moments.

Leave for a month or more to ‘infuse’.

Apparently, these can be used in place of capers on pizza, for example.  Watch this space in a few weeks time as they are sampled.