I’d finished everything I had to do here at Wardian Towers by early afternoon yesterday, so thought I’d get my gardening ‘glad rags’ on and hoof it down to my plot.Hot enough for you?

This last few weeks or so, what with one thing or another, I haven’t had much time to spend on my allotment, and by the state of it, it certainly shows!

On entering my greenhouse, I glanced across at the thermometer hung on the door post, and was greeted by this.


It was way too hot to actually do much work -things like the ‘industrial weeding’ would have to wait for a cooler day.

I did however notice my sad little olive tree, now surrounded by long grass and weeds, so I thought I’d clear around it.  It would give it some light, and give the freesia around it a chance to thrive in the glorious sunshine.

Cleared.And here you can see it after I’d finished.  You can see the freesia around the outside of the ring, but you’ll have to look really closely to see the olive.  Its towards the centre left of the patch of earth.  It’s branches make a ‘Y’ shape.

You’d think from this photo that it was merely a dead stick sat in the middle of this rough circle, but on getting up close and personal with it, it shows its still alive.New shoots on the olive tree.

And to the right here is the proof!  These new shoots have only recently shown themselves, and on looking further down that same stem, I can see other buds just starting to form.

At this rate, we’ll have a massive crop of olives by about…  …Oh, the year 2045 or so.

Still, with ‘Climate Change’ (…NOT ‘Global Warming’!..), we may have to bring this date forward by a couple of years.

Whatever.  Just the sight of this tree brings back happy memories of Cyprus, and that’s good enough for me.