Today, Ian and I were going to get a full day’s ‘Plotting’ in.  A good half day up at LEAF, then the rest of the time down on my Plot.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work like that.  Ian had to wait in for the third time for the ‘man from the electric board’ to come and fit him a new meter, and I, well…  Lets just say I was, er, ‘indisposed’.  Lets just say that I thanked goodness I had plenty of toilet roll in…

SO, we were a little late kicking off, and unfortunately, LEAF was without us for the time we’d planned.  Still, on our frequent trips up there, it looked like we weren’t really needed.  Loads of jobs to do, but there were loads of people to do them!  We’ll be back tomorrow for a ‘Sunday Sesh’, so I promise to get some shots and whack them up here when I get back.Ian's work towards the patio.

To the right here you can see Ian’s work to the left of the new walking boards we had to lay.  Even though this area doesn’t look like much, when you compare it with the photos from just a few days ago, you’ll see that now there are no dock plants, and you’ll just have to take our word for it when we say that the bindweed has gone.

Of course, we’ll have left loads in -that’s part of the fun- but what is left will certainly have a headache and will think twice about choking all our fruit and vegetables to death.

During his work, Ian very carefully lifted a clematis that was completely surrounded by blackberry vines, thistles and good-old bindweed roots.

He very skillfully lifted it with a huge bundle of roots, then very gingerly picked the roots apart to leave a nice, big clump of clematis roots.  He then transplanted it equally carefully (…of course, talking to it all the time!..) up to a spot near the potato bed.  I’ll get a shot or two of it tomorrow.

Oh, and on Diane’s advice gave it gallons of water.  It will need watering just about every day for a week or so to minimise it’s disruption and to make it feel at home, watching over the potatoes.

Meanwhile, I was hard at it, cutting back the hedge by the small greenhouse.The big hedge starts to get a haircut.  Click on the photo to the left to see some of my hard work.

And what hard work it really was!

I was using Diane’s extendable loppers -after I’d repaired them.  These really don’t mess about when it comes to cutting through branches up to 2″ thick.

The only problem was that it was so slow.  I’d cut a branch off, then have to pull it clear of the hedge and lay it down on the path before I could cut another.  All I can say is that these ‘Big Boys’ Toys’ really do give you an upper body workout.  Who needs a gym?!Look behind the greenhouse...

If you check out the photo to the right here, if you look behind the greenhouse, you’ll see a large bush / small tree.

I mentioned this the other day and said I’d find out what it is and post details of it.

Well, today I found out from the ‘Encyclopedia Florae Dianicus’ (…Work that out!..) that its actually a ‘berberis’.

Berberis is full flower.These ‘Bad Boys’ have gorgeous little orange/yellow flowers, but the reason they are ‘bad’ is that their thorns are really, really sharp.  You only need catch one slightly, and it’ll put a huge rip your T-shirt or jeans.  As its covering an otherwise bare bit of hedge by the greenhouse, it should deter all but the most determined -or terminally stupid- unwanted guests.

So tomorrow will be much the same as today, but longer.

The clocks go forward tomorrow morning (…Yay!  BRING IT ON!..), and we want an early start.  Both Ian and myself are ‘Early Risers’, preferring to get stuff done before the shine has worn off the day.

Then, if its anything like as hot as the weathermen say it will be, well, it could be home for an early bath and little ‘Siesta’ during the heat of the afternoon…

Then again, there’s just so much to be done, I doubt it!