Yes, last post I said; ‘…with hopefully the worst of the snow out of the way.’

Well unfortunately, it looks like it isn’t -we’ve another dollop on the way (…an official meteorological word, that…) in the early hours tonight, and all day tomorrow.

Still, we are soooo LUCKY!  Over in Up-State New York, now they’ve got it baaad!

So, in lieu of the snow, today was billed as a shed-clearing day.  I’d mentioned it at the last Management Meeting, to looks of utter disbelief.

“Clearing the top shed?  Uh-Oh.  No way!”

Well, Dear Reader, today the top shed was completely emptied!P1010039

The shot on the right is as we were just starting.  There’s a bit of stuff out of it, but nothing to write home about.  You certainly couldn’t use it as a ‘proper’ shed -for meetings and sheltering from the rain.  Well, not unless you were a cat.

Over the last few years, our top shed had become something of a joke -to both volunteers and to any visitors, and we’ve all been guilty of just ‘putting stuff in’, more to get it out of the way than to actually store anything useful.  …Or ‘find-able’.

We’ve all been guilty of this.

So today, we’ve made a start on getting it all cleared out and fit for people to use.  As I’ve already said, this could be to get out of the inevitable rain, but it will also be used for indoor activities like potting on, and even candle rolling in autumn ready for the Christmas Candle-fest.

One of our volunteers, Gerry, said we could even hire it out for local groups to use -for things like art and photography classes.

We like these ideas.Mess

Thankfully, we had a good selection of volunteers today to help make this happen.

We kicked off with the inevitable quick cup of tea, then donned our gloves, and got stuck in.

The first job was getting it completely empty, and that must have taken us three hours.

By then it was lunchtime, so we had a very quick lunch, then we all got back to our tasks.

Barry was in charge of the fire today, burning more than I think we’ve ever burned in one session.  Ian (no relation) and I were carting stuff from the shed while Pam and Julie alternated between moving stuff out, or sorting through to see if there was anything worth saving.

We also found massive evidence of rats or mice (…Remind me to ‘have a word’ with Mitzi.  She’s been slacking on the job…), so everything that might have been edible was firmly bin-bagged up and thrown.  By their very nature, mice and other vermin, are incontinent, so anything and everything edible had to be thrown away.Jon & Julie with underlay.

To the right here is about half way through.  Jon and Julie are rolling up underlay to be thrown.  This was after nearly everything had been removed.

As the afternoon wore on and the light faded, we were left to sweeping up then putting stuff back in.

Now, you’re thinking “Aaaah!  Everything went back in!”

No, Dear Reader, it most certainly did not!Room to swing a cat.

As you can see by this shot to the left, yes, some stuff had to go back in, but by far the vast majority stayed firmly out!

Yes, it means that outside the shed, it looks like Steptoe’s Yard, but come next weekend, that will all be gone.


Then, the work can really start.

Today Matt made a great job of hammering a piece of heavy tin over the mouse hole right in the middle of the floor.  Next, we have to fix a hole in the roof, then we have to damp-proof it, then insulate it.

I then have to wire up our new low-voltage lighting circuit, so even after dark we’ll be able to see.

Then, we have to get some carpets down and maybe some curtains for the windows, then…

…you get the idea.

I see this, not as an ‘end’, but more as a ‘beginning’.

Keep this frequency clear for more exciting news, as it happens!