Our new best ever ‘toy’ certainly earned its place on the LEAF allotments today.

Of course, I’m talking about the new Kelly Kettle, and as soon as I’d arrived, I fed ‘Her Majesty’ (Why, Mitzi, of course!), and got straight on with the most important job of the day which was getting the first brew on.

Again, it was incredibly easy to do, and within minutes, the water was merrily boiling, threatening to spill out of the top.

Gary was already hard at work on his Plot next door, so I shouted him that tea was up.

Ian (no relation) soon arrived, then Matt, then Jon, and so the five of us quickly got the cups and tea-makings out, and were soon enjoying a warming brew.

And we certainly needed warming!  Today it was one of those days where if you stop for only a few minutes, you start to feel the chill, so we quickly got down to work on the top Plot, rearranging and planning out new beds and features.P1010067

To the right here are the two remaining beds on the top Plot.  Gary has taken out the one nearest the top shed, and these two will have new sides put on them some time tomorrow.  We already have the ex-scaffolding planks that Diane thoughtfully bought last year and they’re stored in the ‘trading hut’ further down the site.

When the beds are done, they’ll be slightly shorter than before as a standard length scaffolding plank is about 4 inches shorter, and we’re not cutting four inch chunks of wood just for this.  They’ll also be very slightly narrower.  As Matt worked out, we can get three ‘ends’ to one length of board, so that will minimise the amount of wastage created by the cutting.P1010070

Here are those two same beds at a slightly different angle, and if you’re particularly eagle-eyed, you can just make out the large aluminium vacuum flask sat on the table.

We’ve had two of these flasks for a couple of years, and never really used them, apart from large social gatherings, but today we used the pair of them to great effect.

Yes, fresh tea does need freshly boiled water, but instant coffee doesn’t, and neither does the washing up afterwards!

The Kelly Kettle itself is sat out of sight in front of one of the tables on the same stump we used yesterday.

Tomorrow, we’ll hopefully have a few more volunteers, and if we do, we plan to finish off the boarding for those new beds, then we may well plant some more onions, both reds and whites.

In the meantime, there’s sure to always be fresh tea on the go!

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