Sorry to have been a bit quiet of late, but don’t worry.  We’re not going anywhere!

So, I have to announce this year’s AGM!LEAF AGM

It will be held on the 29th of June.

“But that’s a Saturday!’ Someone with a diary shouts.

Yup.  A Saturday.

Okay, so where will the AGM be actually held?

Why, down on our Plots, of course!

But what if the weather is awful and it’s cold?

Ah-ha, Dear Reader.  Miles ahead of you there!

We will be holding our AGM down at the LEAF Plots on Herries Road in the ‘late afternoon*‘.

If it’s cold, then bring a jacket, but if it’s really cold, we now have the top shed with a gas heater in for you to warm your hands by.

We also have space for four of our gazebos to be put up in a square very close to that shed, so if by some miracle the sun is beating mercilessly down, you’ll be able to get some shade.  (Oh, we wish…)


Yes, there’ll be plenty to go round.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be fully refurbishing our clay pizza oven, so you’ll be able to add toppings to your own pizza, then watch it being cooked.

We’re also encouraging volunteers to bring food in from home, in much the same way as we all tend to do on a Saturday, and of course, if you can bring some food with you, then the more the merrier!

More news as things are finalised!

*Note: I said ‘late afternoon’.  Actually, this is a bit of a fib.  We’ll all be there from late morning onwards ‘doin’ our regular thang’, so if you fancy working up an appetite, then come down and join us a little early.  You can also maybe catch a glimpse of my frantic efforts to get a no-doubt wet pizza oven fired up in time!


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