Well, at first glance it may look like that, but its really not.Base for the pizza oven.

Because we never dug through the concrete beneath it, its very shallow.

Unfortunately nothing like deep enough to throw a Plot Kid down and make a wish.

So I popped down to The Plots briefly this afternoon to see how everything was progressing, and as you can see, its going very well.

All we need now is another good layer of broken stones inside the top, a layer of cement on that then a layer of sand to carefully sit the fire bricks on.

Now, we’ve had some slight difficulties with these firebricks.  Other ovens have them made with standard house bricks, but we figure that ours is going to get very hot very quickly -we can’t wait three hours for it to heat up!  Yes, we probably could get away with standard ones, but we figure we’ve saved so much money on the build thanks to our friends at VINCI Construction and their gifts of sand and cement, we’d order the proper high-temperature bricks in specially.  So, they should arrive before the weekend (…hopefully!..), and that will give the ‘Top Table Fire Boys’ enough time to get everything built so that next week, we can start ‘puddling’ the clay and sand.  We then have to fashion a dome to the exact shape of the inner of the oven, then cover it with a layer of clay.Inside with the rubble.

Then the fun really starts as we have to cut out a small chimney and an entrance way.

Anyway, there’ll be many more pictures along the way and you’ll see exactly how its done.

Checking the BBC weather website tonight shows hardly a cloud in the sky for the rest of the week, with temperatures as they should have been in July and August.

Perfect weather for finishing a clay oven?

More very soon…

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