…But today, it didn’t!

Unfortunately, I had some urgent business to attend to this morning, so I didn’t arrive until nearly lunchtime.

Ian, on the other hand, had been down since seven this morning!  He’d been happily ‘pottering about’ (…as you do on an allotment…), planting bits and bobs and watering stuff in the main greenhouse.

After a lunch of bacon butties cooked ‘al fresco’ (…Marvellous!..), I set to and partially untied the pear tree.All tied up!

To the right here is before I took off the top blue rope, and you can see the iron stake and lower binding holding it firmly in place.

Untying the rope was no problem, but as I did it, I noticed that the trunk ‘sprang back’ slightly, loosening the tension in the bottom rope.

I think tomorrow -if the weather holds!- we’ll have to re-tie the bottom bindings more securely.

Top rope off.Here you can see it from another angle after I’d taken the top binding off.

Yes, I know its not quite straight, but its certainly better then it was before I originally tied it off a couple of months ago!

When the freesia I planted around it have flowered and died back in a couple of months, I plan to heap a load more soil around the base of the trunk.

This will ‘plant’ it more securely and it will cover up the very small roots that are currently on the surface of the soil.

Looking at the tree, the blossom has mostly died off, and I’m hoping that our new bees were installed in time to catch the nectar and do their job.  If the flowers were anything to go by, we should have a bumper crop of pears this year.  Fingers crossed!

Elsewhere on our Plot, Ian was keen to show me some of the red cabbage seed we planted a few weeks ago showing themselves.Red Cabbage!

To the right here is a close-up of one of them.

Ian remarked that he could only tell they were red cabbages amongst all the weeds by comparing them to the seedlings we have in the greenhouse which were planted only a week or so earlier, but with the warmth and shelter have come on slightly more quickly.

Tomorrow when we go down, one of the first jobs will be to put some upturned bread trays over these little guys before the pigeons spot them!

You may remember that awful yellow-piping monstrosity that had been ‘built’ around the patio area we now sit on to drink tea and put the world to rights?  Its been ‘coiled up’ on the other side of the path, looking a right cat’s breakfast.

Today, I bit the bullet and took it apart.  It was made from different lengths of yellow gas pipe, various ragged pieces of netting and some rotten wooden stakes.

It was fixed to the stakes by three inch ‘posidrive’ screws.

Undoing the screws was a nightmare!  Trying to unscrew them from wobbly bits of wood that I couldn’t hold down properly because of the piping being in the way, then fighting with the wretched netting…  Yak!

Anyway, its done now, so we’ll have to figure out all the different lengths and what we’ll use them for.

Tomorrow, the weather looks to be grim, but not as grim as Monday or Tuesday.

Still, that doesn’t worry me!  I’ll be nice and warm and dry for the first three days of the week on our bee training course with Charles our head beekeeper.

And I can’t wait for that!

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