Well to be honest, I know less about fashion than I do about gardening, but there we go.

The stripes I’m on about are the stripes on me.

Tonight in the shower, I looked over at my left arm, and sure enough, quite a stripe where my watch normally rests.  Suntan / burn.

Aaaah!  We’re getting to that time of year again!

But I digress.

Today, myself and Ian worked on the bent window motors that open the roof windows in the greenhouse.  Because its so old and because a little too much paint has been applied to the windows, they tend to stick until you give them a sharp ‘smack’, then they’re fine.

The motors have plenty of power behind them -I’m really surprised that they can lift such a weight of steel (…no aluminium in these great beasts…) and polycarbonate, but once the windows are free, they work really well.

Anyway, the openers themselves have bent somewhat where the motor has moved its piston, the window has refused to budge, so the aluminium brackets have twisted.

It took us a while to work out how to safely remove and fix them, but first thing in the morning, we’ll be happily trit-trotting round B&Q for some grinding wheels to take a couple of millimetres off the window frames.  I’ll get some photos to show.

Diane then told us that she’d been working last night on an area we’ll be using as a temporary main seating area in a few weeks while Ian and myself extend the seating up by the metal shed.  In doing so, she’d losened a few bricks on a pretty unsubstantial wall between the concrete seating area and the ‘new’ bed we’ve just finished.  Could we fix it?

But of course, Ma’am!

When we’d finished -it was a simple matter of finding three bricks that would ‘roughly’ fit, then whacking an edge off one, and bingo!  Perfect!Finished bed, partially planted.

We then thought that as we were there, we’d get some plants whacked into this bed, so we chose some chives, and popped them round the edge.  The brown stuff you can see scattered about the bed is just some dried moss Diane found in the bottom of a pot last night.Newly-planted chives.

To the right here, you can see the chives from a different angle.  The ones down towards the bottom left had been sat in pots for seemingly years, yet the ones in the centre and to the right had been ‘free-range’, and you can certainly see the difference.  We’ll keep a sharp eye on these to see how the two different groups fare, but we think the formerly pot-bound ones in a couple of weeks are going to grow like crazy, suddenly freed from their confines -much like the pot-bound lavender did last year.

Ah!  A train!As promised last post, here is a picture of Matt’s latest sculpture in privet, and if you squint only a little, you’ll see its the front of a steam train, complete with ‘steam’ rising from the chimney.  In a few months as the privet thickens out, you’ll have to squint less and less!

Of course, no trip down to The Plots would be complete without a shot of ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ -Mitzi. Mitzi.

This is her lounging in the afternoon sun, tired out from all today’s exertions.  Today she’s been doubly busy welcoming newcomers to The Plots.  First, a group from the new ‘Family Allotments’ project over in Parson Cross Park, then later, a new visitor who’d advertised on ‘Freecycle’ wanting bedding plants.  I’d replied saying that she could take as many strawberries as she could carry, and she took us up on our offer.  I had to help her to her car she took so many plants!  Hopefully, she’ll come again -not just for the strawberries but for a mug of tea and a chat.  Who knows, she may become a LEAF regular!

More tomorrow night…


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