…should I choose to accept it will be to program the display board I built last week with some new code.  This will be to give me speed and distance.

Okay, its with the old chip, but as I’ve mentioned before, porting code across chips with ‘C’ and the Microchip Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is ridiculously easy.

It will give me a ‘feel’ for doing it on the ‘proper’ board in the next few days after the new PICKIT3 arrives tomorrow. (…It will arrive.  Its FARNELL, after all…)

BUT, of course there is a slight problem.

In the course of the madess that was the other night, I’m sure I’ve corrupted the code that is currently running on that board.

SO, I’ll have to make sure I’ve got a working copy of that before I try anything fancy with new code.

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