These are genuine quotes from our volunteers.

“Harvested vegetables last Thursday, so this morning I have made a vegetable stew in my slow-cooker. Ingredients include potatoes, onions and tomatillos, yellow and green courgettes and baby sweet corn –all grown here. Looking forward to eating it tomorrow lunchtime!!” -Steve

“A sense of peace but with purpose. The sense of satisfaction of completing varied jobs on the site. To be able to utilize what Nature provides but with a minimum spend.” -Ian

“It’s not about growing. It’s all about what you can’t see as well as what you can. Getting people out of their homes and socialising.” -Les

“Feeling like you’re doing something useful, helping and learning in the process. Being with people –I would otherwise be at home alone.” -Barbara

“I like coming to LEAF every Wednesday after school to see everyone.” -Chloe

“I enjoy the company and light exercise like digging and raking, planting seeds, bulbs and young plants. The social get-together while eating and drinking and being outdoors and in the fresh air.” -Pam

“Better than prescription medicines at combating stress and depression! The communal Saturday afternoon vegetable soup has to be the best meal I get in the average week. The worst thing is the attack from the midges (usually in the last hour of daylight!).” -Simon

“I come to LEAF because I enjoy being out in the fresh air. On a Saturday after we finish work, we have a communal meal. I often bring home-baked goodies for everyone to share. The only drawback is that my own plot is so over-grown!” -Matt

“I enjoy working in a group. I have enjoyed cutting the hedge and making it look nice.” -Norman

“I enjoy watching things grow and making soup with the produce. I could not do this on my own at home. I like meeting my friends at the allotment.” -David

“I like to do things in my own time. I don’t like being bossed about. The allotment is a great place for me to work. I enjoy everything about it.” -Michael

“The allotment is a lovely relaxed environment which embraces all members of the community. It is great to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise and meet friendly people.” -Julie

“I like the fact that the allotment allows people to work at their own pace to their own abilities without discrimination and within a supportive group.” -Brian

“It is really interesting to learn about gardening and how things grow and reproduce their own seeds and also how to recycle.” -Brian & Julie

“I like planting, I like meeting my friends, I like tea and biscuits and a chat.” -Ricky

“Great exercise. Working indoors all day, it makes a great change to get out and do some digging!” -Nick

14th October 2009

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