Today was one of those gentle, easy days you sometimes have down The Plots.  The kind of day that even though its not bright sunshine, you really can’t be bothered to do much at all.Freshly dug up potatoes.

Again, loads of volunteers had made it today, and we were set our various tasks.  Ricky and Graham started off another compost bin, Ian (no relation) dug up a load of potatoes which David weighed, while I wandered around taking photos at first.

Up to the right here you can see Ian’s efforts, and this was from just four plants!  Gorgeous little beauties, with very few slug holes.  These will be perfect for this Sunday’s bash when we host the Crosspool Harvest Group who are coming to see how we work then share some food with us.Celery in plastic drainpipe.

As I wandered round with the camera, I couldn’t help noticing our great celery experiment down on the bottom Demonstration Plot.

Here you can see some of Ian’s planting, already sat snugly in its plastic downpipe.  This is because this particular variety isn’t ‘self-blanching’, so the tube protects the stalks from the light and stops them turning green with chlorophyll.Both lines of 'experimental' celery.

Here you can see both lines, with ‘mine’ as yet uncovered.  In a few weeks as they grow, I plan to wrap mine in sheets of newspaper and tie them up -the ‘old fashioned’ way.  It’ll be very interesting to see just which comes out the best.

Today was also a ‘bean day’, with lots of the many different beans now just coming ‘into fruit’.  Indeed, I took some home with me tonight, and can report that they’re delicious!Red climbing french beans.

Here you can see some climbing French beans on the Therapy Plot, and by next week, we’ll not know what to do with them all.  I’m seriously considering looking on ‘FreeCycle’ again for another upright freezer to store them all in.  Ian (no relation) is thinking the same, and he’s got more room than me.  Maybe I can persuade him to get two!

Anyway, I’d better get off pretty soon, but I’ll just leave you with this.A Southey Rainbow.

The other day, I’d come out of my flat to be greeted by the perfect rainbow, so I quickly ran back in to get the camera, and I’m glad I did.

Its funny, because quite a few LEAF volunteers also saw it and got shots of it too.  If I can just figure out where the ends are, I can dig for the pots of gold that are sure to be there.

Heavens knows, we could do with them about now.

More tomorrow, hopefully when I’m more awake!

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