Thankfully, Christmas and the New Year are now finally out of the way, and we can get back to some semblance of ‘normality’ round here.  Whatever that is.

Tomorrow, the weather looks set to be fine and unseasonably warm, so hopefully we’ll have plenty of volunteers, all eager to shed a few calories from those mince pies and extra helpings of trifle over the Christmas period.

This next year looks set to be even busier than last year.  Hopefully, the weather will be much kinder to us, and from the plans and discussions we’ve had, both in the management meetings, and actually down on The Plots themselves, we’ll be hoping for a bumper year with loads happening and loads to do.

Over this holiday period, LEAF management has been busy with the Sheffield BeeBuddies Project.

Following from the successes of last season, BeeBuddies is expanding, both in the number of hives and sites it operates, but also, in the very near future, will be offering training courses for the public.  These will be for those who wish to learn more about these fascinating little creatures.

The initial half-day ‘taster’ sessions will be a gentle introduction into the art of beekeeping, and if the weather is fine, attendees will be able to get ‘suited up’ and go out to one of our hives, open it up and see the bees at work.

There will hopefully be further more in-depth courses, aimed at those wishing to study further, and maybe get their own hives for their garden.

You may want to visit that link above and maybe bookmark it, as it will be growing and changing all the time.

More very soon…

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