Women everywhere!Girlies everywhere.

(…And before all you lads get excited, I’m talking bees here, boys.  Sorry…)

Yesterday afternoon saw the arrival of Charles, our new head beekeeper and three hives, and up to the right here was how they looked this afternoon.  Marvellous!

As I was saying the other day, we’ve been way too long without them, and its good to see them back.  Even though today, with it being so cold and generally miserable there weren’t many braving the weather, it was great to be able to sit on the ‘Chatting With Bees Bench’ that Ian (no relation) and I built all that time ago and see some out and about.

Tomorrow the weather is set to be sunnier, so when I’m over there, I’ll get some shots of them coming and going.

Today was a day off digging!

The area for one of the new potato beds.Here’s a shot of one of the two areas that we (…well, Gary, Shaun, Derek and Patrick, mainly…) dug over before we started.

Under that pile of soil was a carpet, so we had to weed the soil, move it up to the Orchard Plot in wheelbarrows, then remove the carpet from underneath.

When that was done to our satisfaction, the lads (…minus me -I was down on my own plot…) then dug it all over and extended the bed to include the one that you can see with the bread crates on.

In doing so, we’ve ‘gained’ a path to plant in, and tomorrow I’ll have a load of bedding plants for down the side of the hedge I’ve nearly finished on my own plot.  In return, LEAF will be gaining a couple of jasmine plants that Ian potted on a couple of weeks ago from down on my plot.

These two beds -there’s another by the fence at the other end of the plot- will be potato beds, and in the coming days, we’ll be whacking loads and loads of seed potatoes in.  You can never have too many potatoes, especially at the rate we get through them when we have a fire!

Our friend, the robin.Mitzi, our Plot Cat was elsewhere this morning, so our friend the robin came to help us.

Well, he didn’t help as such, but he certainly got more than enough grubs to feed his no-doubt growing family.

In this shot to the right here, I hardly needed the zoom on my camera on at all -he’s getting so tame he comes right up to us.  And when he wasn’t with us, we could hear him calling from the nearby trees: “Hurry up and get me some lunch!” he seemed to be saying!

It was far too cold to be sat around drinking tea and chatting over lunch, so after a quick bite to eat, I went down to my own plot to…

…Carry on cutting the hedge!

While I was there, I just had to take some photos in the greenhouse.

My, how stuff is shooting up!Beans, jumping for the sky!

At the back here are some of Matt’s ‘Assorted Runner Beans’, and in the foreground are some of the broad beans that Ian planted a short while ago.

In the brown tray you can just see the edge of to the left here are some white cabbages that we’ll pop out in a few weeks time.

Of course, we’ve got some organic slug pellets and of course, we’ll have some proper netting up to stop those greedy pigeons.

On the other work bench in my greenhouse, Ian had started off some leeks, and here they are to the right.Leeks and ...something?

The long, thin things are obviously the leeks, but there appears to be something else in there with them.

There’s too many of the same thing for them to be merely weeds, and when I showed this to Ian he admitted that he may have planted something else in there as well and then completely forgotten what he planted.  I guess it’ll be exciting trying to work out what they may be!

Anyway, I’d better get off.  Hopefully more tomorrow…

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