Okay, so once again, it’s been waaaaay too long since the last post went up, but that, Dear Reader, is because we’ve all be busier than my cat at both his food bowls.

“Busy?  With WHAT??” you shout.

Our valiant volunteers, and the ever-dependable Diane have been busy designing, creating – and certainly selling! – a range of 100% natural beeswax candles and accessories that have been flying off the shelves!

Here in North Sheffield and beyond, with it being nearly Christmas and all, there have been a number of local ‘Christmassy’-type events, designed to help our local purse-conscious shoppers, and of course, help funding for local groups and organisations.

Inspired by an event Diane and I attended a couple of months ago on the possible uses of natural beeswax, she and our volunteers have been busy rolling and decorating candles, many with a Christmas feel to them, and have been exhibiting and selling them to locals.  And they’ve been going down like a storm!

At these events, not only can people buy ready-made candles, but for a very small fee, can also have a go at making their own, with materials provided.

Hopefully, in just a few days, we’ll have examples of Diane’s, and our volunteers’, work up for sale here on the site.  I just have to sort out the payment system, and get some decent photos arranged.

Catch you soon!

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