Well, not really a “Whoooops”.  More of an, “Errr.  How on earth do I get rid of that lot?

My problem Dear Reader, is that I’ve fully charged the test battery with one of the electric bicycle generators.

It is completely, utterly full, according to my multimeter.

…So how do I discharge it, and more importantly, how do I do it safely?

Well, the only thing I can think of right now is to wire up some 12 volt lighting and leave it on.

Then, there’s the problem in that even running four 50 Watt lamps off this thing at full whack, its going to take a little over three hours to make a dent in the battery.

Another problem is that by having these lamps on for three hours, I’m going to light up my flat like Wembley Stadium.

Let’s just hope the police helicopter isn’t flying tonight, or he may mistake my flat for his landing pad.

But on second thoughts, I think I’d best leave it while tomorrow and daylight.

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